Little is known about Zamolxism Zamolxism, the religion of Dacia Dacia and Odrysia Odrysia. Most sources agreed however that Zamolxism was a polytheistic religion, whose supreme God was called Zamolxis.

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Bonuses Edit

  • National tax modifier+5% National Tax Modifier
  • Tolerance heathen+1 Tolerance of Heathens


  • Local missionary strength+6% Local Missionary Strength (This means Zamolxist provinces are extremely easy to convert).


Zamolxism Zamolxism is in the Greco-Roman (Hellenic) religion group. Hellenic Hellenism, Nabatean Nabataean, and Druidist Druidist are considered heretic religions. Every other religion will be considered a heathen religion. Zamolxist is the only Greco-Roman (Hellenic) religion to not have personal deities.


Reform the ClergyEdit


Upon Enactment:

  • Lose IconPowerAdministrative 100 Administrative Power
  • Gain country modifier Reformed Clergy until the end of the game.
    • +10% Stability cost modifier Stability Cost Modifier
    • +1% Missionary strength Missionary Strength
    • +1 Tolerance own Tolerance of the True Faith
    • -2 Tolerance heathen Tolerance of Heathens

Hold a Festival for ZamolxisEdit


  • Is Religion zamolxism Zamolxist
  • Hasn't country modifier Gods Pleased
  • IconPowerAdministrative Administrative Power at least 50
  • Has at least 15% of yearly income in treasure

Upon enactment:

  • Lose IconPowerAdministrative 50 Administrative Power
  • Lose 15% of yearly income
  • Gain country modifier Gods Pleased for 1 year
    • Missionary strength +2% Missionary Strength
    • Morale of armies +10% Morale of Armies
    • Stability cost modifier -10% Stability Cost Modifier