The Papal State The Papal State is playable from June 1st, 754 to October 2nd, 1870. The Great Schism happened in the year 876, whereReligion chalcedonismChalcedonian splits betweenReligion catholicCatholic andReligion orthodoxOrthodox sects; thus establishing the Pope as the head of theReligion catholicCatholic faith.

Although The Papal State and Rome have been annexed several times throughout history (most notable in the Napoleonic Wars), it is annexed permanently by Italy Italy in 1870. Although since 1870, the Pope is still ruling in present day Vatican City. Due to the city's tiny size, the Pope is not actually playable in the Present Day bookmark (the same reason why Andorra Andorra, San Marino San Marino, and Monaco Monaco are not playable countries).

The Papal State will never accept Icon vassal diplo-vassalization; they have a -1000 acceptance modifier for the diplomatic action. If the Papal State is annexed then a surviving Catholic theocracy may cede their province to recreate the Papacy. The Papal State is the only Italian country that can't form Italy Italy.

Decisions Edit

Declare the Kingdom of God Edit


  • Is The Papal State The Papal State.
  • Italy Italy does not exist.
  • Does not have the country modifier The Kingdom of God.
  • Is not a Icon vassal subject nation.
  • Is not a Government steppe horde steppe nomad.
  • Is at peace.
  • Owns Core-creation cost core provinces: Genoa, Piedmont, Milan, Modena, Trento, Friuli, Venezia, Romagna, Firenze, Pisa, Ancona, Umbria and Urbino.


  • The Papal State The Papal State gains a Cost to fabricate claims permanent claim on all non owned provinces of the Italian region.
  • Gets the country event The Kingdom of God on Earth.
  • Adds the modifier The Kingdom of God for the rest of the campaign:
    • National manpower modifier +10% National Manpower Modifier
    • Prestige+1 Yearly Prestige
    • Devotion+1 Yearly Devotion

Strategy Edit

The French RevolutionEdit

Papal Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +1 Diplomatic Reputation
  2. +25% Religious Unity


  1. Ecclesiastical Primacy: +2 Tolerance of the True Faith
  2. Papal Investiture and Tithes: +20% National Tax Modifier
  3. Glory of Rome: +1 Yearly Prestige
  4. Donation of Constantine: −25% Cost to Fabricate Claims
  5. Centralize the States: +10% Production Efficiency
  6. The Vatican Museums: −1% Prestige Decay
  7. The Holy Father: −10% Aggressive Expansion Impact


  1. +5% Discipline