Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is an island very close to India India and shares cultural ties with East India. The island was owned by various European nations between 1541 and 1815. On May 22nd, 1972 Ceylon Ceylon reformed into Sri Lanka and gained its independence, thus becoming a playable nation from then till the present day.

See also: India, Maldives, Great Britain, Ceylon, Netherlands, Portugal


Annexing Maldives Maldives is an easy start for Sri Lanka. After that, the weaker states located on the Arabian Peninsula can earn you a lot of money if you can manage to secure their oil fields.

National Ideas and Traditions Edit

Traditions Traditions:

  • -10% Stability Cost Modifier
  • -10% Advisor Costs

Discipline Preserve Our Troops:

  • +2.5% Discipline

National tax modifier Tax Reform:

  • +5% National Tax Modifier

Mercenary cost Regulated Contracts:

  • -10% Mercenary Cost

Trade power Contract Law:

  • +5% Global Trade Power

National manpower modifier Peasant Levy:

  • +5% National Manpower Modifier

Trade steering Mercantile Status:

  • +5% Trade Steering

Production efficiency Strengthening Land Tenure:

  • +5% Production Efficiency

Idea bonus Ambitions:

  • +10% National Tax Modifier