The South american South American religion covers the various pagan religions of the South American native tribes outside the Andean region.

In the game, the South american South American religion exists throughout the entire timeline, from the very beginning Pre-Roman-Parthian War period (February 2AD-January 58AD) to the Present Day, surviving in the Amazonian jungles of Brazil Brazil, the plains of Paraguay Northern Paraguay, and (unintentionally) in the Brazilian province of Guayra.

Tupiniquim Tupiniquim can rise up in the Present Day with the South American religion if it secedes from Brazil Brazil, making it the last pre-Columbian, non-Christian Native American country, which allows for a potential (although difficult) revival of theSouth americanSouth American religion (and its heresies through events) in the hands of a skilled player. The other two surviving Native American nations (which are both Christian) in the Present Day that can potentially be played are the Navajo Navajo (from the United States of America United States) and the Cree Cree (from Canada Canada) since they can revolt due to their culture surviving in certain provinces.

See also: Inti Inti, Religion totemism Totemist, Tupiniquim Tupiniquim, Brazil Brazil, Paraguay Paraguay, Guarani Guarani, Carib Carib, Arawak Arawak

Bonuses Edit

  • National tax modifier +5% National Tax Modifier
  • Tolerance own +1 Tolerance of the True Faith


  • Local missionary strength +2% Local Missionary Strength (South American provinces are easier to convert).
  • Permanently nerfed with the removal of the personal deities.

Mechanics Edit

South American is in the Native American group, and has four heretics: Nahuatl Nahuatl, Religion mesoamerican Mayan, Inti Inti, and Religion totemism Totemist. In previous patches, the South American religion used to have personal deities, but has not since early 2015 with the release of the fifth major DLC, El Dorado El Dorado.