Religion secularism

The secular faith does not refer to any religion particularly, but rather to a general tolerance within a country of all religions and cultures.

Bonuses Edit

  • Tolerance of Heathens: +7
  • Global Tax Modifier: 10%      
  • Stability Cost Modifier: -20%        
  • Global Missionary Strength: -1000%          
  • Global Unrest: -1          
  • Religious Unity: +100%

Gameplay mechanicsEdit

It is impossible to convert a province to Secularism, and thus it is also impossible for a secular country to change the culture of a province. To avoid massive religious unrest, secularism gains a 100% religious unity boost. Any country can convert to secular after achieving admin tech 79.

Generally Secularism is considered to be the best form of "Religion" if you're a nation that spans multiple religions. But it comes with a downside of not being able to convert cultures.

Adopt Secularism Edit


  • Admin tech 79
  • Government is not:
    • Theocracy
    • Papacy
    • Caliphate
  • Stability at least 2
  • Is at Peace


  • Convert to Secularism

Abandon Secularism Edit


  • Stability at least 2
  • Is at Peace