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Rashtrakuta Rashtrakuta, at its start, is a Jain Jain Culture Kannada monarchy under a Monarchy nayankara system located mainly in the Deccan region, India subcontinent of the Asia continent. The monarchy will replace Jain Jain Chalukya Chalukya in 753, gaining core cores, bordering fellow Jain Jain Ganga Ganga south and Kalachuri Kalachuri northeast, Hinduism Hindu Gujarat Gujarat northwest, Gurjara-Pratihara Gurjara-Pratihara north, Daksina Daksina and Telingana Telingana east, Pallava Pallava southeast and Alvakheda Alvakheda southwest, Mahayana Mahayana Parlakhimidi Parlakhimidi east and the waters of the Arabian Sea west.

Rashtrakuta will be re-annexed back into Chalukya in 982, losing core cores and never appears on-map again.

Called "Rashtrakuta" on-file

See also: Chalukya Chalukya


decision Form Bharat (Culture Dravidian)

  • Requirement(s):
    • No Does not exist:
    • Is No not Mughals Mughals
    • Culture Cultural Group is Dravidian
    • Yes One of the following must be true:
    • Change government Does No not have Steppe Nomad government reform
    • Colonial nation Is No not a colonial nation
    • Yes One of the following must be true:
      • Colonial nation Is No not a former colonial nation
      • Colonial nation Is a former colonial nation
        • No Not AI
    • Is free or a tributary
    • Steppe nomads Is No not a nomad country
    • War Is No not at war
    • Stability Have 3 Stability
    • Institution spread.png Embraced Feudalism
    • core Owns core Province province(s): Multan (506), Surat (517), Mathura (524), Madurai (536), Tondainadu (539), Vijayanagar (541), Daulatabad (545), Cuttack (552), Pataliputra (558), Bidar (1948), Bidar (1948), Kandy (2217), Kumari (4529), Seringapatam (4540), Ujjain (4580) and Mansura (4620)
  • Effect(s):
    • Change country to Bharat.png Bharat.
    • Missions Change country missions
    • Holy Roman Emperor Country will be No removed from the HRE
    • Empire.png Set government rank to Empire.
    • Prestige Gain 10 Prestige
    • Cost to fabricate claims Gain a permanent claim on Subcontinent(s): India
    • Tradtions Can embrace Bharat Ideas and Traditions
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