For Mesoamerican Religion, see Mesoamerican (Religion).

Ideas Edit

  1. Idea Cost: -10.0% (Olmec Legacy)
  2. Global Trade Power: +10.0% (Altepetl)
  3. Diplomatic Reputation: +1.00 (The Ball Game)
  4. National Unrest: -1.00 (The Feathered Serpent)
  5. No effect(?) (Ritual Bloodletting)
  6. Build Cost: -10.0% (Pyramid Architecture)
  7. Trade Range: +20.0% (Obsidian and Jade)

Additionally, Mesoamerican Traditions provide:

  • Increased chance of new Heir: +25.0%
  • Income from Vassals: +25.0%

And after all Mesoamerican Ideas are gained:

  • Fort Defense: +20.0%

Religion Edit

See Mesoamerican (Religion).

Technology Edit

Reflecting the relatively primitive technology developed historically by Mesoamerican cultures, these nations pay a penalty in technology cost.

Modifiers Edit

  • Technology Cost: +50%
  • Monthly Monarch Power: -1