General Information Edit

Medri Bahri Medri Bahri is a Tigray kingdom that is playable from 1137 to 1867, where it is annexed by Egypt Egypt.

See also: Ethiopia Ethiopia, Egypt Egypt, Mamluks Mamluks, Alodia Alodia, Hejaz Hejaz

Medri Bahri Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. −10% Stability cost modifier
  2. +10% Trade steering


  1. Kings of the Sea: +10% Trade efficiency
  2. Christian Legacy: +2 Tolerance of the true faith
  3. Diplomatic Flexibility: +1 Diplomat
  4. Strengthen Central Rule: +10% National tax modifier
  5. Independent Traditions: +10% Morale of armies
  6. Promote the Red Sea Trade: +15% Domestic trade power
  7. Princely Ambitions: −10% Aggressive expansion impact


  1. +1 Diplomatic reputation