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Masqat Masqat is a South arabian South Arabian Culture icon Omani Government tribal tribe located in the Pirate Coast, Muscat, Oman and Dhofar areas, Arabia region, Near East subcontinent, of the Asia continent; existing at the start of the 'Pre-Roman-Parthian War' era. Present, with Core-creation cost cores, at the beginning of the starting year of 2, the tribe borders fellow South arabian South Arabian countries (Gerrha Gerrha west and 'Ad 'Ad south), the waters of the Pirate Coast and Straits of Hormuz (Persian Gulf area, Arabian Sea region) north west and the waters of the Sea of Oman and Mascate Coast (Arabian area and region) east.

Masqat Masqat will be annexed by the Religion zoroastrianism Zoroastrian Sassanids Sassanids at the start of the year 350, keeping their Core-creation cost cores until the year 634, and will not appear on the map for the rest of the timeline.

See also: 'Ad, Gerrha, Sassanid


Execute decision Eastern Technology Reform Edit

  • Requirement(s):
    • Muslim Technology Group is Middle Eastern
    • War Is No not at war
    • IconPowerAdministrative Administrative power at least 200
    • Chalcedonism Religious group is Christian
    • Administrative tech Administrative Technology is at least 21
  • Effect(s):
    • IconPowerAdministrative Lose 200 Administrative Power
    • Icon stability Lose 1 Stability
    • Eastern Change Technology Group to Eastern

Execute decision Form Arabia Edit

  • Requirement(s):
    • Arabia Arabia does No not exist
    • No Is not:
    • Culture icon Primary Culture is:
      • Arabic Group
      • Not Turkish
    • Is Independent or a Tributary
    • At Peace
    • Administrative tech Administrative Technology at least 55
    • Core-creation cost Own core Province icon province(s): Iskandariyya (358), Qahirah (361), Halab (377), al-Quds (379), Dimashq (382), Madinah (384), Makkah (385), Adan (388), San'a (390), Al'Arid (392), Hufuf (394), Masqat (400), Nizwa (403), and Bagdad (410)
  • Effect(s):
    • Empire The Government Rank changes to Empire
    • Cost to fabricate claims Gain a permanent claim on Number of states region(s): Mashriq, Egypt, and Arabia
    • Gain 'Increased Centralization' for 20 years
      • Local unrest +1.00 National Unrest
      • Autonomy -0.05 Monthly Autonomy Change
    • Prestige Gain 25 Prestige
    • Country changes to Arabia Arabia

Execute decision Muslim Technology Reform Edit

  • Requirment(s):
    • Muslim Technology Group is Middle Eastern
    • War Is No not at war
    • IconPowerAdministrative Administrative Power at least 100
    • Yes One of the follow must be true:
      • Sunni Islam Religious group is Muslim
      • Administrative tech Administrative Technology at least 26
  • Effect(s):
    • IconPowerAdministrative Lose 100 Administrative Power
    • Icon stability Lose 1 Stability
    • Muslim Change Technology Group to Muslim

Masqati Ideas and Traditions Edit

  • Idea bonus Traditions:
    • Light ship power +15.0% Light Ship Combat Ability
    • Land attrition -10.0% Land Attrition
  • Idea bonus Ambition:
    • Morale of navies +20.0% Morale of Navies
  • Traditions Ideas:
    • Important Trading Port:
      • Trade efficiency +10.0% Trade Efficiency
    • Wilayats:
      • National unrest -1.00 National Unrest
    • Western Al Hajar Mountains:
      • Stability cost modifier -10.0% Stability Cost Modifier
    • Gulf of Oman:
      • Global ship cost -10.0% Ship Costs
    • High Temperatures:
      • Hostile attrition +1.00 Attrition for Enemies
    • Iron Mines:
      • Production efficiency +10.0% Production Efficiency
    • Shellfish:
      • Manpower recovery speed +5.0% Manpower Recovery Speed
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