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León León, at its start, is a Catholicism Catholic Culture Leonese Monarchy salic monarchy located in the in the Leon area, Iberia region of the Western Europe subcontinent. The monarchy will emerge from Catholicism Catholic Asturias Asturias following division of the kingdom on December 10, 910, gaining theircore cores, bordering fellow Catholicism Catholic Galicia Galicia to the west. Asturias Asturias to the east. and Sunni IslamSunni Cordoba Cordoba to the south.

León will be annexed by CatholicismCatholic Castile Castile on September 23, 1230, keeping their corecores and never appearing on-map again.

Called "Leon" on-file

See also: Castile.png Castile, Aragon.png Aragon, Asturias.png Asturias, Suebia Suebia, Galicia.png Galicia, Portugal.png Portugal, Cordoba.png Cordoba, Granada.png Granada, Morocco.png Morocco, Francia.png Francia, Navarra.png Navarra, Spain.png Spain


Execute decision.png Form Spanish Nation Militarily

  • Requirement(s):
    • No Is not:
    • Culture Culture is:
      • Part of the Iberian group or
      • Basque
    • Spain Spain does No NOT exist
    • Administrative technology Administrative Technology at least 10
    • Is Independent or a Tributary
    • Steppe nomads Is No not a nomad country
    • At Peace
    • core Own core Province province(s): Barcelona (213), Zaragoza (214), Valladolid (215), Salamanca (216), Servilla (224), Toledo (219), València (220), and Granada (223)
    • Sunni Islam All provinces in the Iberian region are No NOT in a Muslim religion group
  • Effect(s):
    • Country changes to Spain Spain
    • Missions Obtain new missions
    • Holy Roman Emperor Country will be No removed from the HRE
    • Kingdom rank Change Government Rank to Kingdom
    • Tradtions Gain opportunity to embrace Spanish Ideas and Traditions
    • Cost to fabricate claims Gain a permanent claim on the entire States Iberia region except for: Beiras, Alentejo, and Macaronesia areas
    • Gain 'Increased Centralization' for 20 years
      • Local unrest +1.00 National Unrest
      • Autonomy -0.05 Monthly Autonomy Change
    • Prestige Gain 25 Prestige

decision Form the Holy Roman Empire

  • Requirement(s):
    • Holy Roman Emperor HRE size is No not 3
    • Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire No does not exist
    • Catholicism Religion is Catholic
    • Yes One of the following must be true:
      • Monarchy Is a Feudal Monarchy
      • Monarchy Is a Salic Monarchy
    • Yes One of the following must be true:
    • Has 10 Cities
    • Legitimacy Have at least 60 Legitimacy
    • Province Roma (118) is not owned by:
    • Is No not under a Regency
  • Effect(s):
    • If the country has:
      • Has a female leader
      • Emperor can be female
    • Holy Roman Emperor Becomes an HRE elector
    • Province Every owned province becomes part of the Holy Roman Emperor HRE
    • Vassal Every country that is a subject of the country:
      • Holy Roman Emperor Becomes an elector
      • Holy Roman Emperor Every one of their provinces is now part of the HRE
    • Catholicism Every country that is Catholic:
      • Culture And is part of the culture group of the country or
      • Alliance Is a neighbor and alliance/marriage with the country and
      • No Is not:
      • Holy Roman Emperor Will be part of the HRE
    • Jan Mayen Jan Mayen:
      • Holy Roman Emperor Will No no longer be an elector
      • Ruler dies
    • Province Jan Mayen (4148):
      • Holy Roman Emperor Is not longer part of the HRE
      • Is now uncolonized native land
      • core Jan Mayen Jan Mayen No no longer has it as a core


Focus on allying with other powers in the region such as Morocco.png Morocco, Francia.png Francia, etc, in order to take down Castile.png Castile for dominance over the Iberian Peninsula.

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