Kush Kush is a Nubian Despotic Monarchy located primarily in Sudan, bordering Rome Rome to the north, Blemmyes Blemmyes to the east, and Aksum Aksum to the south. Kush is playable from 2 to 350, where it is annexed by Aksum Aksum.

See also: Egypt (ancient) Egypt, Rome Rome, Blemmyes Blemmyes, Aksum Aksum


Prologue Edit

You are starting here in a odd position. Though the people of Egypt (ancient) Ancient Egypt were driven by the invaders such as Persians, Macedonians, and Romans. But you are only known successor of Egypt (ancient) Ancient Egypt. But it is time for you to restore the dignity of Egypt (ancient) Ancient Egypt. But you border to the powerful country in the north known as Rome Rome. It is advised not to attack them. Maybe you should wait for them to crumble. But first. You will have to deal your rivals such as Aksum Aksum.

Opening Strategy Edit

Build up to your army force limit, ally with Himyar Himyar, and fabricate claims on Aksum Aksum and Blemmyes Blemmyes. Then proceed to annex the Blemmyes, they are weak and will have no allies. After that, declare war against Aksum until you defeat their army. Proceed to fully siege and subsequently annex the entire country. Afterwards. Raise the Autonomy local autonomy in the province that you conquered. Expansion into the Arabian Peninsula should then follow.

Expansion into Arabia Edit

While you wait for the Rome Rome to crumble. Build up your Navies to a Force limit. And then break the alliance with Himyar Himyar and start building spy networks against them. Afterwards. Fabricate claim on the Himyarite province. one will be enough. Declare war on Himyar Himyar, but careful though since most of Yemeni Province are mountainous. Make sure not to attack the enemy armies in the mountain province. Once you defeated Himyar Himyar, annex their province though a peace deal, and then raise the Autonomy local autonomy in the province you conquered and wait for the core to be finished. Your next targets will be Masqat Masqat and Thamud Thamud (it doesn't matter which order you annex the in).

Late game Edit

Eventually, Rome Rome will begin to crumble. When they are, declare war and take the provinces required to form Egypt (ancient) Egypt, thus reclaiming the ancient Egyptian legacy and land for the Religion egyptian Egyptian religion. Upon reclaiming Cairo, an event will fire called The Conquest of Memphis that allows you to adopt the Egyptian culture and move your capital to Cairo or refuse to gain Icon stability+1 Stability instead (always go with the first choice). Once Egypt (ancient) Egypt has been formed, you will then get a permanent claim on the entire Egyptian region.

Religion Edit

Your primary religion is EgyptianEgyptian. Most of Nubia is EgyptianEgyptian, meanwhile the southern provinces you own are FetishistFetishist (including your Capital capital). You will need to enact the religious policy to begin converting the FetishistFetishist provinces to your religion.

Culture Edit

Your primary culture is Nubian, and in the region of Nubia, most of the province are Nubian culture. However, as soon as you conquer Memphis (361), you will get the event Conquest of Memphis which will allow you to change your primary culture to Old Egyptian (Kemetic) or refuse and gain Icon stability+1 Stability instead.


Form Egypt (ancient) Egypt Edit


  • Egypt (ancient) Egypt does NOT exist
  • Is not The Papal State The Papal State, Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire or European Union European Union
  • Primary culture is Nubian or Old Egyptian
  • Is not a subject
  • Is at peace
  • Owns as core provinces: Alexandria (358), Cairo (361), Rosetta (362), Al-Gharbia (2526), Minya (2524), Asuyt (2523), Qena (360)

Upon enactment:

  • GainPrestige25 Prestige
  • Gain a permanent claim on the Egypt Region
  • Become Kingdom Kingdom if Duchy Duchy
  • Become Egypt (ancient) Egypt
  • Gain country modifier Increased Centralization for 20 years:
    • -0.05 Autonomy Monthly Autonomy Change
    • +1 National unrest National Unrest

Reform the Government Edit


  • Is at peace
  • Is a Government tribalTribal Monarchy, Tribal Despotism, or Tribal Federation
  • IconPowerAdministrativeAdministrative Power at least 200
  • haveLegitimacyLegitimacy at least 60
  • has a Icon stabilityStability at least 3
  • Either:
    • has completed Administrative idea groupAdministrative Ideas
    • has completed Innovative idea groupInnovative Ideas
    • has completed Economic idea groupEconomic Ideas
  • has Reformed Religion or adopted Feudalism

Upon enactment:

  • Lose IconPowerAdministrative-200 Administrative Power
  • Lose Icon stability-5 Stability
  • Government changes to Government monarchyFeudal Monarchy

Eastern Technology Reform Edit


  • Is at peace
  • Administrative power at least IconPowerAdministrative200
  • Administrative techAdministrative Technology is at least level 21
  • Sunni IslamIs in the Christian religion group

Upon enactment:

  • Lose IconPowerAdministrative -200 Administrative Power
  • Lose Icon stability-1 Stability
  • Change Technology group to EasternEastern

Muslim Technology Reform Edit


  • Is at peace
  • Administrative power at least IconPowerAdministrative100
  • One of the following must be true:
    • Administrative techAdministrative Technology is at least level 26
    • Sunni IslamIs in the Muslim religion group

Upon enactment:

  • Lose IconPowerAdministrative -100 Administrative Power
  • Lose Icon stability-1 Stability
  • Change Technology group to MuslimMuslim

Reform the ClergyEdit


Upon Enactment:

  • Lose IconPowerAdministrative 100 Administrative Power
  • Gain country modifier Reformed Clergy until the end of the game.
    • +10% Stability cost modifier Stability Cost Modifier
    • +1% Missionary strength Missionary Strength
    • +1 Tolerance own Tolerance of the True Faith
    • -2 Tolerance heathen Tolerance of Heathens

Kushite Ideas and TraditionsEdit


  1. +10% National Tax Modifier
  2. +1 Attrition for Enemies


  1. Egyptian Influences: -10% Technology Cost
  2. Nubian Pyramids: +1 Yearly Prestige
  3. Iron Working: +10% Infantry Combat Ability
  4. Rightful Rulers of Egypt: +1 Yearly Legitimacy
  5. Meroitic Alphabet: -10% Culture Conversion Cost
  6. Blue and White Nile Rivers: +10% Production Efficiency
  7. Resistance to Foreign Invaders: +10% Morale of Armies


  1. +20% Manpower Recovery Speed