The Huns Huns are a Steppe Horde originally located in northern Central Asia. The Huns are playable from 160-520, and its strength can vary greatly during those times. Historically, the Huns were part of the reason the Rome Rome fell because of their large conquests against the Europeans in the west, forcing most of the Germanic tribes to move into to and take Rome: either migrate or get conquered and ravaged. During 160, the Huns are a fairly small Steppe tribe situated at the north of Central Asia with the Alans Alans bordering to the west, and Kangju Kangju to the east.

See also: Rome Rome, Goths Goths, Byzantium Byzantium, Hungary Hungary

Special AbilitiesEdit

During the Age of Migration Era, the Huns gain unique abilities when enough splendor is gained called Hunnic Horde:
Discipline +5% Discipline
Cavalry cost -20% Cavalry Cost

Strategy Edit

heck europe just nvade china worked for me

Hunnic Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +10% Cavalry Combat Ability
  2. -10% Military Combat Ability


  1. Unified Hunnic Empire: +2 Max Promoted Cultures
  2. Annual Tribute: +10% National Tax Modifier
  3. Scourge of God: +1% Missionary Strength & -2% Tolerance of Heathens
  4. Feared Fighters: +10% Morale of Armies
  5. Hunnic Expansion: -25% Core-Creation Cost
  6. Mercenary Soldiers: -25% Mercenary Cost
  7. Raiding Warbands: +1 Yearly Prestige


  1. +5% Discipline