Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire may refer to two different things in-game: the country or the HRE mechanics. As the united country, it can be formed by passing the last reform: Renovatio Imperii. Upon doing that, the country becomes Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire but keeps the same ideas, religion, culture, government and capital.

Before passing the final reform, it always has a current Emperor, electors (If not, rule is hereditary. Passing the 5th reform makes the title hereditary and the electors' vote meaningless) and princes (Member states. Otherwise, the HRE dismantles). The pre-unification HRE can be dismantled (and never recreated) if a country is at war with the emperor, controls the capital of the latter and none of the Electors are out of the war. The HRE mechanics are also used in the mod for European Union European Union.

Imperial ReformsEdit

Reform Emperor Princes Notes
Call for Reichsreform
  • Build cost -5% build cost
  • Development cost Development cost: −5
  • "Imperial Ban" casus belli against non-members with Imperial territory
  • Build cost -5% Build cost
  • Development cost Development cost: −5
Institute Reichsregiment
  • Diplomat +1 Diplomat(s)
  • Diplomatic reputation +1 Diplomatic reputation
  • National unrest -2 National unrest
Reform the Hofgericht
  • Legitimacy +0.50 Yearly legitimacy
  • Core-creation cost -10% Core creation cost
  • Legitimacy +0.50 Yearly legitimacy
Enact Gemeiner Pfennig
  • Tax income +20 Tax income modifier
  • Diplomatic reputation +1 Diplomatic reputation
Ewiger Landfriede
  • Prestige +0.50 Yearly prestige
  • Technology cost -5% Technology cost
  • Princes may not declare war on one another (a non-member Emperor is not affected)
Proclaim Erbkaisertum
  • Imperial authority +25% Imperial Authority
  • Will remain Emperor on all further successions
  • No longer gains Imperial authority +10 Imperial Authority on succession
  • Vassal princes do not use diplomatic relation slots
  • Legitimacy +0.50 yearly legitimacy
  • There are no more elections for Emperor. Electors no longer vote.
Revoke the Privilegia
  • Imperial authority +25% Imperial Authority
  • Stability cost modifier -10% stability cost
  • All princes who support the reform become vassals of the Emperor.
  • All princes who do not support the reform will leave the Empire, and the Emperor gains claims on their Imperial provinces}}
Renovatio Imperii
  • Inherit all princes
  • Change country to Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire
  • Change rank to Empire Empire
  • Gain cores on all Imperial provinces held by self or neighbouring non-members
  • Gain IconPowerAdministrative 250 administrative power
  • Gain country modifier "Rome Reborn" for the rest of the campaign:
    • Prestige +1 Yearly prestige
    • Tax income +5% Tax income modifier
  • Inherited by the emperor.
  • The Holy Roman Empire interface is disabled.

Today Part Of: Edit

Form the Holy Roman EmpireEdit

This decision adds the HRE mechanics and can be done only once

Potential requirements

  • Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire does NOT exist
  • HRE size is less than 3
  • Religion is CatholicismCatholic


  • Government is Government monarchyFeudal monarchy or Government monarchySalic monarchy
  • Owns Roma (118) or is overlord of Papal States Papal States or is papal controller with influence of 75 or more
  • Roma (118) is NOT owned by Rome Rome, West Rome West Rome or Francia Francia
  • Has at least 10 Province iconcities
  • Has at least 80 Legitimacylegitimacy

Upon enactment

  • Country become elector
  • Any owned province is set in HRE
  • Any subject of country:
    • Gains electorate
    • Any owned province is set in HRE
  • Any CatholicismCatholic country of the same culture group or with a royal marriage and alliance
    • Any owned province outside of British Isles is set in HRE
  • Jan Mayen Jan Mayen
    • Loses electorate
    • Ruler dies
  • Jan Mayen (3148)
    • Is set out of the Empire
    • Become    uncolonized land
    • Jan Mayen Jan Mayen loses core

Germanic Ideas and Traditions Edit

When formed, it keeps the original country's ideas Traditions:

  1. +10% Infantry Combat Ability
  2. −25% Mercenary Maintenance


  1. Zunft: +10% Production Efficiency
  2. Fruhlings und Herbstmesse: +10% Domestic Trade Power & +5% Trade Efficiency
  3. Reichskreis: +1 Diplomatic Reputation
  4. Polizeiordnung: -1 National Unrest
  5. Cuius Regio, Eius Religio: +1% Missionary Strength
  6. Thurn und Taxis: +1 Diplomatic Relations
  7. Residenzstadt: +1 Yearly Prestige


  1. -5% Tech Cost