Druidist Druidism refers to the highly diverse native religions of the Celts found on both British Isles of Great Britain Great Britain and Ireland Ireland and within mainland Europe (modern day Modern France France, Belgium Belgium, Spain Spain, Portugal Portugal, Germany Southern Germany (Bavaria Bavaria), Austria Austria, Switzerland Switzerland). Druidism has a pantheon of Gods, and each tribe will often have their own patron God or Goddess that they will consider the supreme God. Druidism is named for the equivalents of priests within the religion, called druids. A druid is generally the oldest member of a tribe, and is well versed in both traditional stories, which the druid passes on to the other members of the tribe, and in medicine.


  • National unrest-1 National Unrest
  • Tolerance own+1 Tolerance of the True Faith


  • Local missionary strength+2 Local Missionary Strength (Druid provinces are easier to convert).


Druidism Druidism is in the Helennic religion group. Hellenic Hellenism, Nabatean Nabataean, and Zamolxism Zamolxism are considered heretic religions. Every other religion will be considered a heathen religion.

Druidist Druidism also possesses personal deities. Upon ruler death, the player has an option to worship one deity which will give the player unique bonuses depending on the God or Goddess chosen. The player may choose one deity once every time their ruler dies. The options are:


  • Morale of armies+10% Land Morale
  • Defensiveness+20% Fort Defense


  • Discipline +5% Discipline
  • Land leader shock +1 Land Leader Shock


  • National tax modifier +15% National Tax Modifier
  • Goods produced modifier +10% Goods Produced Modifier


  • Infantry power +10% Infantry Combat Ability
  • Land leader maneuver +1 Leader Land Maneuver


  • Morale of navies +15% Morale of Navies
  • Diplomatic upkeep +1 Diplomatic Relations


  • Manpower recovery speed +20% Manpower Recovery Speed
  • Better relations over time +20% Better Relations Over Time


Reform the ClergyEdit


Upon Enactment:

  • Lose IconPowerAdministrative 100 Administrative Power
  • Gain country modifier Reformed Clergy until the end of the game.
    • +10% Stability cost modifier Stability Cost Modifier
    • +1% Missionary strength Missionary Strength
    • +1 Tolerance own Tolerance of the True Faith
    • -2 Tolerance heathen Tolerance of Heathens

Hold a Meeting of the DruidsEdit


  • Is Religion druidism Druidist
  • Hasn't country modifier Gods Pleased
  • IconPowerAdministrative Administrative Power at least 50
  • Has at least 15% of yearly income in treasure

Upon enactment:

  • Lose IconPowerAdministrative 50 Administrative Power
  • Lose 15% of yearly income
  • Gain country modifier Gods Pleased for 1 year
    • Missionary strength +2% Missionary Strength
    • Morale of armies +10% Morale of Armies
    • Stability cost modifier -10% Stability Cost Modifier