General InformationEdit

Religion confucianism Confucians follow the the teachings of Confucius, an ancient philosopher who lived during the Warring States period in China. Confucius spent much of his life wandering all over China China, sometimes serving in the courts of many of the rulers at the time.

Confucius was a pacifist, and on the rare occasions in which he led armies into battle, he always won through intelligence rather than through arms. Confucius also argued for a great many significant legal changes, such as an end to the often extreme burial customs of the time.

Although there are more religious forms of Confucianism, followers of Confucius tend to follow a more philosophical form of his teachings rather than a more religious form of his teachings.

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  • Tolerance heretic +2 Tolerance of Heretics
  • Tolerance heathen +1 Tolerance of Heathens


Religion confucianism Confucianism is in the Eastern religious group, and considers the followers of the Religion shinto Shinto, Religion bon Bon, Religion muism Muist, and Religion tengri Tengri religions to be heretics.

If the player has the DLC Moh Mandate of Heaven, then Confucianism gains a new mechanic known as Harmony. From 51-100 Harmony, a maximum of Tolerance own +1 Tolerance of the True Faith can be gained if 100 Harmony is reached. At 49-0 Harmony, you will receive negative modifiers and a maximum penalty of Development cost +25% Development Cost, Tolerance own -3 Tolerance of the True Faith, and -2 Yearly Meritocracy if Harmony is at 0. By default, Confucian countries gain +1 Yearly Harmony.

To help avoid low Harmony, completing Humanist idea group Humanist ideas gives an extra +0.25 Yearly Harmony for Confucian countries, and combining this with Icon stability 3 Stability points (which gives +0.25 Yearly Harmony per Icon stability Stability point, +0.75 Yearly Harmony in total) will give a grand total of +2 Yearly Harmony.


Harmonizing with each of the listed religions will give the following bonuses that last the entire campaign (unless the player or AI converts from Religion confucianism Confucianism to a different religion). During the process of harmonization, the amount of Harmony will drop by -3 yearly until the process is finished. Upon harmonizing a new religion/religious group, it will be accepted as if the religion is the Tolerance own True Faith. Note that only one religion/religious group can be harmonized at a time.

To give an example, if Religion shinto Shinto is harmonized, in addition to gaining the Infantry power +5% Infantry Combat Ability bonus from harmonizing with Shintoism, all Religion shinto Shinto provinces will be treated as if they are Religion confucianism Confucian provinces. The only downside to this is that you cannot culture convert provinces of harmonized religions since you can only culture convert provinces that follow the Religion confucianism Confucian faith.

So to recap, always keep Icon stability Stability very high, complete Humanist idea group Humanist ideas when possible, and take advantage of the extra Harmony that can come from certain events whenever possible.

Harmonized Religion BonusesEdit

  • Chalcedonism Christian Group:Stability cost modifier -5% Stability Cost Modifier
  • Religion zoroastrianism Iranian Group:Trade efficiency +10% Trade Efficiency
  • Hinduism Dharmic Group:Tolerance own +1 Tolerance of the True Faith
  • Sunni Islam Muslim Group:Trade efficiency +5% Trade Efficiency
  • Religion vajrayana Buddhic Group:Idea cost -7% Idea Cost
  • Totemism American Group:Global settler increase +5 Global Settler Increase
  • Tengri Tengri:Cavalry power +10% Cavalry Combat Ability
  • Romuva East European Group:Land attrition -5% Land Attrition
  • animism Pagan Group:National unrest -0.5 National Unrest
  • Egyptian African Group:Hostile attrition +0.5 Attrition for Enemies
  • Hellenic Hellenistic Group:Adm tech cost modifier -5% Administrative Technology Cost
  • Religion norse Germanic Group:Land maintenance modifier -5% Land Maintenance Modifier
  • Religion judaism Jewish Group:Institution spread +15% Institution Spread
  • Shintoism Shinto:Infantry power +5% Infantry Combat Ability
  • Bon Bon:Morale of armies +5% Morale of Armies
  • Ashurism Mesopotamian Group:Build cost -5% Construction Cost
  • Secularism Non-religious Group:National tax modifier +5% National Tax Modifier


Anti-Christian EdictEdit

  • Is not Become Defender of the Faith Defender of the Faith.
  • Is in the Religion confucianism Eastern religion group.
  • One of the following must be true:
    • Neighboring country:
      • Is in the Chalcedonism Christian religion group.
      • Opinion is less than 0.
    • Hainan:
      • Province Owner:
        • Is in the Chalcedonism Christian religion group.
        • Opinion is less than 0.
    • Aomen:
      • Province Owner:
        • Is in the Chalcedonism Christian religion group.
        • Opinion is less than 0.
    • Sakam:
      • Province Owner:
        • Is in the Chalcedonism Christian religion group.
        • Opinion is less than 0.

Upon Enactment:

  • Gain country modifier Anti-Christian Edict for the rest of the campaign.
    • Missionary strength +2% Missionary Strength
    • Improve relations -10% Improve Relations