General Information Edit

Benevento Benevento is an Italian duchy that is playable from 571 to 891, where it is annexed by Byzantium Byzantium, and from 895 to 1282, where it is annexed by Naples Naples.

See also: Italy Italy, Lombardy Lombardy, Byzantium Byzantium, Naples Naples

Decisions Edit

Form Italy ItalyEdit


Upon Enactment:

  • Country Changes to Italy Italy
  • Set government rank to Kingdom, if not higher tier
  • If an Holy Roman Empire HRE member and not an elector or emperor
    • Leave the HRE
    • Emperor receives event Italy breaks out of the Empire.
    • Emperor receives the opinion modifier “Left the Holy Roman Empire” towards Italy, worth -150.
  • Gain Prestige25 Prestige
  • Gain a permanent claim on the Italian Region
  • Get the event New Traditions & Ambitions.

Italian Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Trade efficiency: +10%
  2. Yearly papal influence: +2


  1. Italian Reinassance: Idea cost -5%
  2. Italian Condottieri: Mercenary maintenance -25%
  3. Italian Aristocracy: +5% Foreign spy detection, +25% Hostile core creation on us
  4. Trace Italienne: +5% Fort defense, +10% Garrison size
  5. High Reinassance Art & Architecture: Yearly prestige +1
  6. Italian Diplomacy: +10% Spy network construction, +1 Diplomatic relations
  7. Commedia dell'arte: Stability cost modifier -10%


  1. +1 Yearly legitimacy, +0.5 Yearly Republican Tradition