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Asturias Asturias, at its start, is a Chalcedonism Chalcedonian Culture Leonese Monarchy salic monarchy located mainly in the Asturias and Vasconia areas, Iberia region of the Western Europe subcontinent. Asturias emerges from Sunni Islam Sunni Umayyad Umayyad in 718, gaining core cores, bordering fellow Chalcedonism Chalcedonian Aquitaine Aquitaine east, Sunni Islam Sunni Umayyad south and the waters of the Bay of Biscay (North Atlantic region).

Asturias will be annexed by León León in 924 and will never appear on-map again.

core Cores existing to the present day

Called "Asturias" on-file

See also: Umayyad.png Umayyad, Cordoba.png Cordoba, Visigoths.png Visigoths, Suebia Suebia, Leon.png Leon, Castile.png Castile, Aragon.png Aragon


The Kingdom of Asturias.png Asturias was a small country in northern Iberian Peninsula. After the Muslims under the Umayyad.png Umayyad Caliphate conquered most part of the Peninsula in 711, the remaining Christians fled towards the mountains in the north. In 722, King Pelagius led a successful revolution and established the Kingdom of Asturias. This was the kingdom that began the Reconquista, which finished in 1492, when Castile.png Castile conquered Granada.png Granada, and the last Muslims were expelled from Iberia.

Asturias turned into Leon.png Leon in 925, when the capital city was

moved from Oviedo to Leon. Later, Leon.png Leon merged with Castile.png Castile; then later Castile.png Castile merged with Aragon.png Aragon and annexed Navarra.png Navarra. This is why Asturias is considered the birthplace of what would later become Castile.png Castile and Spain.png Spain


decision Change to Primogeniture Succession (until 962)

  • Requirement(s):
    • Change government Has the Salic government reform
    • Administrative technology Administrative Technology at least 32
    • Administrative monarch power Administrative Power at least 100
  • Effect(s):
    • Administrative monarch power Lose 100 Administrative Power
    • Stability Lose 1 Stability
    • Change government Enact Feudal Nobility Tier 1 Government Reform
    • No Remove 'Two Sons' or 'Three Sons' modifier

Execute decision.png Form Spanish Nation Militarily

  • Requirement(s):
    • No Is not:
    • Culture Culture is:
      • Part of the Iberian group or
      • Basque
    • Spain Spain does No NOT exist
    • Administrative technology Administrative Technology at least 10
    • Is Independent or a Tributary
    • Steppe nomads Is No not a nomad country
    • At Peace
    • core Own core Province province(s): Barcelona (213), Zaragoza (214), Valladolid (215), Salamanca (216), Servilla (224), Toledo (219), València (220), and Granada (223)
    • Sunni Islam All provinces in the Iberian region are No NOT in a Muslim religion group
  • Effect(s):
    • Country changes to Spain Spain
    • Missions Obtain new missions
    • Holy Roman Emperor Country will be No removed from the HRE
    • Kingdom rank Change Government Rank to Kingdom
    • Tradtions Gain opportunity to embrace Spanish Ideas and Traditions
    • Cost to fabricate claims Gain a permanent claim on the entire States Iberia region except for: Beiras, Alentejo, and Macaronesia areas
    • Gain 'Increased Centralization' for 20 years
      • Local unrest +1.00 National Unrest
      • Autonomy -0.05 Monthly Autonomy Change
    • Prestige Gain 25 Prestige
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